About Qualitics

An ambitious project, a team of multidisciplinary experts.

Our key activities

We automate solutions

Qualitics is a company specialised in the development of solutions for drone automated infrastructure inspections and for the reporting of computer aided structures defaults identification.

Aerial inspection by drone is a considerable advance because of its great maneuverability during the inspection

Artificial intelligence

Qualitics developed inovative solutions based on Artificial intelligence (AI) improving workload efficiency and safety of infrastructure inspections, with the use of an automated pilot.

The real-time data acquisition, processing and standardized analysis of these data greatly facilitate the decision-making regarding the necessary maintenance interventions.

Collecting information

Our on-board smart device solution is collecting a set of information in real time that are recorded on a web-based platform for further analysis. By this way, our customers are enabled to determine the wear of their assets and to decide for preventive or corrective maintenance in a very accurate and efficient way.

Multidisciplinary experts

Our company relies on a team of experts in software, artificial intelligence and an R&D department ensuring active monitoring and control of the latest technological advances in the sector. To support effective testing of our system and to ensure our solutions are safe, fit for use for flight, we hired our in-house expert pilots.

Our values

We have the commitment to stay competitive because we have the fearlessness to reinvent ourselves.


Quality is one of the cornerstones of Qualitics. For us, it represents a strong commitment. This is true for our products, but also for business processes of our company.


We want to constantly improve our customers experience by acting jointly to adapt our solutions, taking advantage of technological innovations. Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit, we transform our ways of working by sharing, experimentation and reasoning in break with traditional management.


Security is one of the fundamental values of Qualitics that must be taken into account in all areas of our business. We are convinced that the strong commitment of everyone to safety will benefit many others. operational areas and the sustainable performance of the company.

The Respect of Environment

We contribute to the sustainable environmental development of the economies in which we work. We want to support our customers realize their projects while being aware of the risks on all their assets. Our responsibility and ethics are to respond to the needs of our customers quickly and with minimal impact on the environment to do. We have the commitment to stay competitive because we have the fearlessness to reinvent ourselves.

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  • Elia

    Belgium's high voltage electricity transmission system administrator

  • RTE

    French's high voltage electricity transmission system operator

  • Eqos

    Technical infrastructure for railway technologies, communication technologies, energy transformation and overhead line sectors

  • Creos

    Electricity networks and natural gas pipelines in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  • Engie Laborelec

    Leading expertise and research centre in electrical power technology

  • Sotel

    Electricity networks in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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